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Thursday, December 9, 2010

My swing

As a little girl one of my favourite pastimes was swinging on swings.

I loved the feeling of pushing my legs higher and higher 'up into the sky' and then tucking them in to scoop the air as I swung back. The wind on my face and in my hair was pure pleasure.  I think the other wonderful part of swinging is being 'pushed'. A lot of trust goes into being pushed on the swing as the 'pusher' has control. The pushing can be too gentle or too rough. It can create harmony or disharmony and there is nothing worse than the pusher grabbing the hold ropes mid swing and suspending you off the ground - dangling.

Growing up in Brisbane there were plenty of parks for picnics and swings.

When the family moved to Townsville in 1969 it became a ritual to go 'down to The Stand' in the evenings to the sea breeze and escape the oppressive heat. Mum always headed straight to the swings and we knew that her quiet time on the swing was her way of relaxing, having some space and cooling off. Dad suffered motion sickness so he could not bear even watching us on the swings!

Over the years I have dreamed of having my own swing. Rob knew this so now that we have a garden with massive trees his first project was to make me a swing in the avocado tree..

The wooden seat is lovely and wide and the ropes are thick and strong and it swings beautifully.

Since the swing has been up it has been enjoyed by others.

Gregor and Kyle had a go:

Recently I was showing a local business man around our new property. He spied the swing and asked if it was for my grandchildren! What grandchildren?? Anyway, I think he thought me eccentric when I explained that it was mine and I suggested he try it. After telling him how wonderful it is to swing he sat on the swing, chuckling and saying he had not been on a swing since he was a young boy. He pushed off and a look of sheer delight crossed his face. He was amazed that he still knew how to use the swing and he did not hurry in getting off.

So the next time you see a swing - throw caution to the wind - hop on and release your inner child. I cannot recommend swinging highly enough.

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