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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yesterday I took Rusty and Max for a wander around my friend Patricia's property. This is a lovely property with loads of bananas and fruit trees. Unfortunately this is seed season so what was a fun run around for the dogs ended up with a prickly end.
This is Max before the walk.......

This is Max after the walk...........

His whole body was thick with the dreaded 'Cobbler's Pegs'.

These sticky little black seeds stick to clothes, hair everything and transfer from one item to others very easily. They are an absolute nightmare!!

Combing them out was not an option so I resorted to nail scissors.

He was very patient and I did the 'haircut' over two sessions - the poor little boy!! He now looks like a moth eaten, hacked dog.

This is Max post haircut .......

I hope he still loves his Mother.

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  1. Dearest Elizabeth - what a trauma for both of you! I have these dreaded seeds in my front garden and didn't know what they were called as I had never encountered them before, and yes, they stick to my dress as I walk past. My girls have never been done by them and I hope I never have to do what you have had to do = poor Max.