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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hibiscus at Peace Cottage

Recently Norfolk Island endured a very, very long dry spell. Most people had to repeatedly buy water in as the tanks were empty. Gardens really suffered and the surrounding landscape was dusty, bone dry and uncharacteristically brown. The local churches held 'Pray for Rain' sessions and water became the main topic of conversation - it was worrying. Then in its own time the rains came....and came.....and came!!
Now of course, because people are never happy, we are thrilled at the sight of an occassional blue sky. The Island is now the most beautiful emerald green and all the gardens have bounced back and flowering profusely.

Last weekend was a stand out weekend - we had mild weather, sunshine and a gentle breeze that felt like Spring. So I got up off the couch and took photos of all the gorgeous hibiscus flowers in my garden at Peace Cottage. I don't know the name of any of them! If you do please let me know......
This one is very tall and growns up against the deck at the front of the house. The flowers are big and bright and poke through the railing. The colour combiation of red, orange and yellow takes my breath away!!

This flower on the left and below is absolutely beautiful in real life. It is the most vivid lemon yellow and set against the green foliage I often think a light has been switched on. The flowers are big and bold.
These two are in the back garden planted next to the lemon (above) and they are lovely. The red one is about the size of your hand and a real red lipstick red.... 

The little ruffly white flower has a deep blood red center and seems quite delicate next to the big boofy red.

The following few are the plants that make up th hedge along the front fence. At the moment they are all absolutely covered in flowers.

This is the palest, soft pink.....
This is huge ruffley and 'in your face'.....like a 'Tequilla Sunrise'.
This one has changed colour! When it was a shorter plant the flowers were splashed with white - spotted. Now the flowers are solid pink

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