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Friday, May 7, 2010

Would you vote for this woman??

After the house was completed Rob and I work flat out on the gardens. Rob was still working in central QLD so it meant there was always a long list of jobs for us to do when he got home. Designing gardens, planting loads of roses, bulbs and hydrangeas kept us exhausted and happy. However once the jobs list shortened I not only had a need to keep myself busy but wanted to be more involved in the community. I decided I was going to run for Council.
Westbury is situated at the heart of the municipality of Meander Valley. Just over 19,000 people live in Meander Valley and it is a very diverse community.  
Meander Valley - west of Launceston
Farmers, artists, business owners and tourist operators are part of the mix. The major political hot spot and community divider is the forest industry. So despite being considered an 'outsider' and 'main lander' - I gave the election campaigning a go. I was absolutely determine to be elected so I gave it my all.
I started campaiging in July 2007 and spent an hour every week in each village . I just loved it. Rob gave me total support and helped me erect 52 signs throughout the Valley. After working for 4 months I was successfully elected to Council in October 2007.

Council is all about the day to day stuff in peoples' lives and it is very humbling to be able to help out at such personal level.
After being elected I continued my 'out and about' by visiting each village for an hour each month and I met some very interesting people.
 I always took along plenty of Council information and tried to be proactive in keeping communication open between the Council Officers and the community.

Meander Valley is very fortunate in that the Council is supported by extremely professional and knowledgeable Officers.

Being a Councillor was the most rewarding thing I have done in my life, to date.
Having been elected for a 4 year term it was very disappointing and sad to have to resign after only completing 2 years. Since 2000 we had regularly holidayed on the very beautiful Norfolk Island. We had purchased a small holiday home in 2006 and then to enable us to gain our General Entry Permit - Rob and I purchased an accommodation property in 2009, with the intention of moving to the Island full time. This move was a huge step....

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